Results to Date

Debt relief obtained for musician clients
Amount of refunds received
Amount of Grants and Gifts for Individuals

Together we’ve accomplished so much:

$126,630 in tax debt relief, grants, and gifts on behalf of 40+ musicians

$200,916 in refunds and stimulus payments

Overall, our programs total return on investment to date for the regional economy is $340,819

but there’s still a long way to go.


These musicians and their families have been given a fresh start through your donations. Hear their stories.

“My name is Chad Brown and I am a New Orleans jazz trumpeter. I got behind on my taxes and owed the IRS over 9,000 dollars. I was introduced to Mrs Alison and my life was changed. She was able to get my tax debt wiped out. I don’t owe the IRS anything now. Not only that she was able to help me financially after hurricane Ida. Sha will always have a place in my heart!!! Thank u!”

Chad Brown

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Alison! It felt like I’d been your friend forever and you made me happy. It was like all my pain I had in my soul had left me and I feel so happy, happy right now I thank the God For you!”

Harry Cook

“You’ve been a lifesaver, thank you for all your wonderful help!”

Layla Musselwhite

“To say I am grateful for all the help I received is an understatement. Alison worked so hard and diligently with my tax issues- some unresolved and very mixed up. I was super overwhelmed and she helped me to not be. She had a lot of work to do with my situation. The outcome was a huge relief! Thank you so much to the Harmony Street Society Foundation and Alison!”

Julie McTaggart