Our Impact:

Together we’ve accomplished so much:

$126,630 in tax debt relief, grants, and gifts on behalf of 40+ musicians

$200,916 in refunds and stimulus payments

Overall, our programs total return on investment to date for the regional economy is $340,819

but there’s still a long way to go.


These musicians and their families have been given a fresh start through your donations. Hear their stories.

“My name is Chad Brown and I am a New Orleans jazz trumpeter. I got behind on my taxes and owed the IRS over 9,000 dollars. I was introduced to Mrs Alison and my life was changed. She was able to get my tax debt wiped out. I don’t owe the IRS anything now. Not only that she was able to help me financially after hurricane Ida. Sha will always have a place in my heart!!! Thank u!”

Chad Brown

“To say I am grateful for all the help I received is an understatement. Alison worked so hard and diligently with my tax issues- some unresolved and very mixed up. I was super overwhelmed and she helped me to not be. She had a lot of work to do with my situation. The outcome was a huge relief! Thank you so much to the Harmony Street Society Foundation and Alison!”

Julie McTaggart

“You’ve been a lifesaver, thank you for all your wonderful help!”

Layla Musselwhite

“It was a pleasure to meet you, Alison! It felt like I’d been your friend forever and you made me happy. It was like all my pain I had in my soul had left me and I feel so happy, happy right now I thank the God For you!”

Harry Cook

How it works:

Join the fight to end tax troubles for the freelance musicians we serve.

  1. Harmony street partners with organizations, social workers and case managers to identify clients in need of tax assistance. A needs assessment is performed to: 
    • Analyze the last 10 years of tax filings
    • Determine any subsidy programs the musician qualifies for
    • Address ongoing financial management issues related to taxes.
  2. We work with musicians to file any missing tax years and, if applicable, apply the musician to the IRS’ Fresh Start program to eliminate debt relief. We address other outstanding issues as needed. Musician clients receive ongoing assistance to remain compliant.
  3. We appeal to local, regional and national organizations for emergency debt relief funds as needed.
  4. We educate musicians, bands, and artists through workshops and free tools. And together we help the families at the center of New Orleans cultural heritage and beyond wipe out their burden.